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የአማርኛ ፊልሞች [Amharic Films]

Amharic Films located on this section.

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Cover Title Authors Rating Hits
cover ከአትላንቲክ ባሻገር [Across the Atlantic] የቅድስት ባየለኝ ፊልም [ Kidist Bayelegn film ] 0   4168
cover ወደ ፍቅር [Wede Fikir] እዝራ ኢንተርቴይመንት [Ezra Entertainment] 0   4304
cover የበኩር ልጅ [ Ye Bekur Lij ] ቲኬ ፊልም ፕሮዳክሽን [ TK Film Production ] 0   4266
cover የቤት ልጅ [ Ye Bet Lij ] የዮናታን ወርቁ ፊልም [ Yonatan Worku’s Film ] 0   4202
cover የተቃጠሉት ገጾች [Yetekatelut Getsoch] Rachel Antone 0   4199
cover ያልመሸ ትናንት [Yalemesh Tenant] ሰላም ፕሮዳክሽን [Selam Production] 0   4337
cover ያልታሰበው [Yaltasebew] EZRA Entertainment 0   4223
cover ያልደረቀ እንባ [Yaldereke Inba] አዲስ ፊልም ፕሮዳክሽን [Addis Film Production] 0   4392
cover ያንቺው ሌባ [Yanchew Leba] Samy Plus Production 0   4208
cover ያይኔ [Yayenie] Samy Plus Production 0   4367
cover ፈላሻው [Felashaw] EZRA Entertainment 0   4416

For your information (FYI)

The Amharic books listed can be taken out from MCPL Silver Spring branch with these steps:

  1. Click this link below to hold the Amharic books on-line (you need to have library card/PIN):
  2. Identify the Title and Author from above
  3. Go to 900 Wayne Ave.  Silver Spring, MD 20910, to pick up your hold books or give the Title/Author to the librarian for check out.


Locate Amharic books by category -- click the links below:


የልጆች መጻሕፍት [Children/Young Adults books]

ልብ ወለድ መጻሕፍት [Fiction books]

ታሪክ መጻሕፍት [Historical books]


የሕይወት ታሪክ መጻሕፍት [Autobiography books]


ግጥሞች [Poetry books]


የአማርኛ ፊልሞች [Amharic Films]